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The parish of Shapwick lies towards the eastern end of the Polden Hills falling gently northwards from the Polden ridge to the Shapwick Heath and the Somerset Levels.

design-statementOn this website you can find out more about the Parish Council and its responsibilities. In addition agendas, minutes and other useful documents can be accessed. Other helpful information about Shapwick organisations, District and County Council links etc. can be found on the information page.

Shapwick is situated on the northern slopes of the Polden Hills between Bridgwater and Glastonbury. The name Shapwick dates back to Saxon times and means sheep farm

The parish extends northwards from the gentle slopes of the Polden Hills down towards Shapwick Heath. This was originally a drowned valley that was transformed over time into a series of islands surrounded by fresh water marsh and eventually to the levels that exist today.

Peat turf cutting was a significant industry for many years and continues in very limited form in the 21st century.

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Shapwick Can “Own Its Own Village Green”

For all of Shapwick’s wonderful attributes, we do not have a place we can call our own “Village Green”.

Find out how that could be about to change.

Shapwick Church